Welcome to The Hermit Crab

Or is it welcome from The Hermit Crab? Both, I suppose.

My name is Richard and I am a full-time house sitter. I have a job, I have a partner and I have a plan. But I don’t have a home. I gave that up over a year ago to pursue a road less traveled. I look after other people’s homes. 365 days a year. I often look after their pets, too. On average I will live in about 12 different homes a year and spend time exploring 12 different places.

And I love it.

I started this site to share the best, and the worst, of my experiences on the road, for anyone out there who is curious about this way of life. I also want to be able to offer advice, meet other house sitters and maybe build a community of like-minded lunatics, and would-be lunatics, who share my passion for moving on.

You can read more about my story here.


The Crab

So who am I? Why do I do this? Have I lost my mind? Am I actually a crab? Don’t be ridiculous! You can find all the answers right here.

Well, most of them.

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The Fur

One of the many joys of being a full-time house-sitter is that I get to spend my life with a wide variety of wonderful, crazy, adorable animals.

View the rogue’s gallery.

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The Reviews

Over the last (nearly) three years there have been some pretty nice things said about me. A few not so nice things, too, but I’m not posting them.

Gaze upon my testimonials.

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